What Punishment Do I Face for a Probation Violation?

Our office has heard an alarming statistic that approximately one-half of all cases resolved with probationary sentences evolve into probation violations.  This certainly seems true with some of our clients, as they have complicated lives. What happens if one does indeed violate probation?  Is jail or prison a certainty? Can probation be reinstated, perhaps with just a warning?  Click on the following article to find out.


What Punishment Do I Face for a Charge of Solicitation or Prostitution?

Solicitation of prostitution (Penal Code § 647(b)) is an embarrassing ticket to receive.  What if my wife finds out?  What if my employer is notified?  What if someone sees me in court?  How can I make this go away quietly?  To read about what type of punishment is common, click on the following article.


What Punishment Do I Face for Possession of Marijuana?

Our office sees quite a few cases involving juvenile and young adults with a small amount of marijuana.  Many of these clients have a medical recommendation for the use of marijuana and some do not.  The citation is often regarded as equivalent to a parking ticket, but this is a big mistake.  Click on the following link to find out what the punishment is for such an offense.



What Punishment Do I Face for Domestic Violence? Jail Time?

Besides DUI, domestic violence is the most frequent offense we see.  The punishment is harsh, no doubt influenced by a recognition that domestic violence is cyclical in nature and the reasons behind it are difficult to fix.  The O.J. Simpson case continues to create a cautionary approach of better to punish and ask questions later than give a defendant a second chance.  So what is the punishment one can expect on a first-time and second-time case?  Click on the following link to find out.


What Punishment Do I Face for Violating a Restraining Order?

It is quite common, sadly, for someone to get a civil restraining order only as step one of a two-step process toward putting an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband in jail, often out of jealousy or to gain an advantage in a child custody battle.  The violation of the restraining order can be staged, as we have seen, to gain this advantage or punish the boyfriend who cheated or dumped someone.  What is the punishment that one faces?  Jail time?  To read answers, click on the following link.


What Punishment Do I Face for Public Urination? Jail Time?

Our office has handled perhaps over 200 cases involving public urination, mostly from Hermosa Beach, as its police are extremely active in issuing such tickets. Long Beach, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, Fullerton and Pasadena also are active in giving such tickets, but nothing like Hermosa Beach.  What is the punishment possible for such an offense?  Is diversion possible?  Jail time?  To get answers, click on the following link.



What Punishment Do I Face for Shoplifting? Probation?

Shoplifting is one of the most common crimes committed.  Many people believe it silly that is is even a crime and instead, it should be handled civilly instead.  Employers, however, view it as theft, a crime of dishonesty.  Indeed, theft is a crime of moral turpitude or ethical deficiency.  What is the punishment then for such a crime?  What if it is the first time for the client?  Is jail likely?  Click on the following article to find out.


Is it Permissible to Take DNA from Someone Accused of a Serious Crime?

One’s DNA contains a road map to one’s ancestors and future behavior.  There is an enormous amount of information that can be studied and used a predictive data for government officials hoping to shape society into a better place.  It can also be sold and used to target individuals for many purposes.  It can also help solve previously unsolved crimes if a name is associated with anonymous DNA data.  It is legal to conduct such a search and seizure if there is no particulariezed suspicion of one person being a suspect in an unsolved crime?  Read answers to this question by clicking the following link .


What Punishment Does One Face for a First Time DUI?

It never ceases to amaze us how often we are asked “what is the fine for a first time DUI?”  Can I just pay it off?  The understanding is apparently that a DUI is like a parking ticket with just a fine.  Some people understand that they may need to take a class, but they believe it is just a two or three hour online class, like online traffic school.  For this reason, we wrote the following article to clarify, generally speaking, what the possible punishment is for a first time DUI.



Probation Violation Can Lead to Seven Years in County Jail

In many cases, a probation violation is not seen as something that can lead to any jail.  Sometimes, the prosecutor simply wants the defendant to admit the violation and then the judge reinstates that defendant on probation.  However, some probation violations are more serious than others.  Nevertheless, can someone be sentenced to seven years in county jail for a probation violation?  How?  Click on the following link to read about such a sentence and how it came about.