Are Miranda Warnings Required Before Police Ask Someone if He or She is in a Gang?

The following case summary spotlights the competing government interest in solving a crime and ensuring safety of inmaters in jail.  The jailer asked a suspect if he had any contraband on him and the suspect answers, but in doing so admits gang membership.  A further set of questions by another jailer, purportedly for inmate safety, reveals the identity of the gang.  Is this a Miranda violation if later used for a sentence enhancement?  Click on the following link to read answers.


Selling Copies of Adobe Software is Copyright Infringement

While ambition should be embraced and encouraged, there are limits.  In the following case, a cab driver who called himself “Moneyworld123” seemed to be the embodiment of the American Dream.  However, he went too far.  He sold copies of Adobe’s software without Adobe’s permission and without paying them a royalty.  Why was this copyright infringement and what was his defense?  Click on the following link to read more about this entrepreneur who went too far.