What Are the Legal Consequences of Allowing Another Person to Carry a Loaded Firearm in a Vehicle?

Imagine being pulled over with a few passengers in your car.  Imagine further that the police search your passengers and find one has a loaded gun in his or her pocket.  What can the police arrest you for (assuming you are not a police man or armored car driver)?  Does it matter if you knew about the weapon?  Does it matter if the driver knew the weapon was loaded?  To read about a reported decision on this crime, click on the following link.


What Do the Various Shirt Colors Mean in Jail?

Ever visited someone in jail or been in custody?  There is a confusing array of colored blouses and pants, as well as wristbands?  If someone is a K10, what is that?  What if the person is wearing all yellow?  What about brown?  Dark blue?  Light blue?  White?  What do all these colors and wristbands signify?  Click on the following link to find out.


What Are the Ground Rules on a Motion to Withdraw a Plea?

Our office frequently receives inquiries about changing the terms of a plea bargain based on new evidence or a belief that “it was not fair” or “my attorney did not listen to me.”  Sometimes, the client wishes to change the plea to another violation because of immigration or professional licensing consequences.  How does one ask the judge to allow a withdrawal of a plea?  What are the time limits for doing so?  What is the standard used by a judge in considering such a request?  Click on the following link to find out.