How’s a Juvenile Carjacking Adjudication Not a Strike?

As counterintuitive as it may seem, carjacking is not a strike for a juvenile at age 16 or older unless it is committed with the use of a weapon. As an adult, no weapon is required to make it a strike. This little-known distinction was illuminated in the following case, which we summarize below. To read our summary of the published opinion, please click on the following link –

What is a Youth Offender Parole Hearing Under P.C. 3051

In the course of discussing Franklin Hearings, we often must explain what a youth offender parole hearing is, as many people believe a Franklin Hearing is a resentencing opportunity and a kind judge may release their loved one, perhaps even from court at the hearing. This is not what happens in a Franklin Hearing. Instead, materials are added to the defendant’s file for review at a Youth Offender Parole Hearing, which the article accessible by the following link discusses –

What is the Auto-Brewery Syndrome – A DUI Defense?

It may come as a great surprise to a DUI defendant that a part of their blood alcohol content was created by their own body’s conversion of non-alcoholic items into ethanol. While this is a rare phenomena, it does take place and sometimes, the effects can mimic intoxication by drinking alcohol. To read more about the auto-brewery syndrome, click on the following link –