Double Jeopardy if Convicted of P.C. 29610 and 25400?

Penal Code § 29610 prohibits a minor from possessing a firearm capable of being concealed on his or her person, while Penal Code § 25400 prohibits a person from carrying a concealed firearm. Is a conviction for 29610 necessarily the same conduct as a conviction for 25400? Most would understand that a conviction for violating 25400 does not necessarily overlap with 29610. To better understand the distinction between the two offenses, as presented by a court of appeal, pleas click on the following link –

What is Reckless Indifference to Human Life?

In the context of a Petition for Resentencing under Penal Code § 1170.95 (Senate Bill 1437), one of the three exceptions for an aider and abettor to being resentenced under the new felony murder rule is if the aider and abettor acted as a “major participant with reckless indifference to human life.” The California Supreme Court, in its 2015 ruling in People v. Banks, set forth various factors for evaluating if someone was a major participant and the 2016 ruling in People v. Clark set out the factors to consider for whether one acted with reckless indifference to human life. To read what those factors are, please click on the following link –