Double Jeopardy Prevents Conviction for Criminal Threats Involving Rottweiler.

Double jeopardy is a household phrase that many people do not understand.  It invokes concepts of civil rights and due process, but what does this Constitutional right really mean?  Sometimes, to understand the concept, an example of an actual case is best to read. Click on the following case to see how this concept was considered and acted upon in a case involving criminal threats and a man with a Rottweiler –

Conviction Reversed for Mailing Criminal Threats.

Charged with terrorist threats (criminal threats)?  In state court in California, it is defined by Penal Code § 422.  In federal court, it is defined by 18 U.S.C. § 876 (a) if the threat is mailed.  In both situations, the threat must be directed to a person.  Can it be a threat to a corporation, i.e. McDonald’s or Nike?  Click on the following summary of a federal case to read about this aspect of the offense –