The Police Stole My Marijuana – Will My Homeowner’s Insurance Pay Me for My Loss?

Occasionally, a client will tell us that the police made a traffic stop of the client’s car and searched the car from top to bottom, trunk to engine compartment.  The experience can be terrifying because the police often bring a drug-sniffing dog to walk through the car.  The police may find a baggie or more of legal marijuana and they take it. The same experience could happen at one’s home.  Then no charges are filed.  The client is usually thankful for this and hesitant about upsetting the police by asking for the return of his marijuana.  What about asking one’s homeowner’s insurance?  After all, isn’t this what it is for?  Click on the attached article to read a case that discussed this.


Drug Evidence Suppressed When Police Improperly Stop Vehicle

The following case summary is perhaps my favorite case, as it epitomizes justice.  A police officer clearly makes a pretextual stop based on a “vehicle code violation” that simply was really no violation at all.  The officer’s suspicions about the driver having drugs was found true, but the driver suppressed the drugs and had the case dismissed because the traffic stop was improper.  Click on the link that follows to read this great case –