Ecstasy Ruling Sure to Cause Misery

Earlier on this blog, we presented an article about a conviction for possession of Ecstasy as a controlled substance being dismissed.  The issue then was whether MDMA in Ecstasy meant Ecstasy was methamphetamine.  In People v. Richie Quang, the court decided the answer was no.  Now there is a new case, People v. Davis, that takes the opposite approach, however, we believe it will be reversed on further appeal.  Click on the attached link to read about this –

Is Ecstasy a Controlled Substance That Can Get One a Criminal Conviction?

When Ecstasy was first being used on a wide basis, perhaps in 1990, its allure was not only its effects, but that it was not illegal.  The Health and Safety Code was seen several revisions since ecstasy came out, including several that seem to make it illegal.  However, some prosecutors have had trouble obtaining convictions, as the following article explains –