Police Use of GPS on Drug Dealer’s Car Without a Warrant Held Improper; Evidence From it Thrown Out.

What exactly is a search?  If an officer watches someone walking down a public street, is that a search?  If the officer takes a photograph of someone in public, is that a seizure of evidence of the person’s whereabouts?  What if the police place a GPS tracking device on a suspected drug dealer’s car, without his knowledge, and monitor his travels on public roads?  Is that a lawful search and seizure?  Click on the following link to find out answers to these questions – http://www.greghillassociates.com/lawyer-attorney-1871166.html.

Warning- Your Cell Phone May Incriminate You of More Serious Crimes in a Simple Traffic Stop

It amazes me what people text and e-mail to one another – and then police see, using it as evidence of a crime.  When one is pulled over in a traffic stop, an arrest can follow.  The arrest may be for DUI, but during an inventory search of one’s property, police may look at one’s phone.  The following article describes how bad went to worse when a young man had a little too much information (and photographs) on his Blackberry Curve –