Systematic Child Abuse Over Time Supports Aggravated Mayhem Conviction.

It can be heartbreaking to see the effects possible on a vulnerable child having a parent afflicted by mental illness or a personality defect.  The child certainly did nothing to suffer such treatment.  What if the child is sick and the parents refuse to properly take care of him or her?  Can this be a crime?  Can it be mayhem?  Click on the following case summary to read about such a conviction –

What is Mayhem (Penal Code § 203) and Aggravated Mayhem (Penal Code § 205)?

Are you or do you know someone charged with mayhem or aggravated mayhem?  What happened?  What were the injuries?  Did the “victim” go a hospital?  What are the defenses to this charge?  What must the prosecution show to prove this charge?  What is the punishment for someone convicted of this?  Click on the link here to learn more about these two crimes –