Judge May Prohibit Medical Marijuana Use As Term of Probation.

It comes as a shock to many of our clients that a judge can require someone on probation to turn in their “medical marijuana” card or recommendation.  If the marijuana is for treating a medical condition, is this legal?  After all, isn’t the judge going to cause the person pain and suffering?  Is this sadism?  It this legal?  Click on the article link that follows here to read a summary of a case that answered these questions – http://www.greghillassociates.com/lawyer-attorney-1874968.html.

Be Careful About any Plea in a New Criminal Case if Already on Probation.

Our office often represents people who are on probation and pick up a new, minor case.  The client is often then offered a plea bargain on the new case with fairly good terms.  Relieved to be offered such a seemingly good deal, the client is eager to accept it.  We caution, “not so fast.”  Pleading even no contest to a new case while on probation can constitute a probation violation, barring the individual from expungement later on.  Read more about this by clicking the following link – http://www.greghillassociates.com/lawyer-attorney-1853184.html.