Conviction by Red Light Camera Upheld on Appeal.

Want to learn how not to challenge a red light camera ticket?  Are photographs hearsay?  How about a video of a car entering an intersection?  With anyone who receives a red light camera ticket, there is a sense of outrage and suspicion tht the photographs and sometimes, video, are not reliable.  For a good lesson on what not to argue, click on the link that follows –

Ticket Thrown Out for Running Red Light Based on Red Light Camera

If you have received a ticket for running a red light (Vehicle Code § 21453(a)) based on a camera at the intersection, it can be an unsettling experience.  After all, most people immediately wonder if the camera was correct and if not, is the ticket with a massive fine really nothing more than a shake down by the city or county?  To read about a driver who successfully challenged the evidnce on the basis of foundation, click on the attached link for a good read about a Beverly Hills ticket that was ruled invalid –