Can Showing Gang Tattoos Constitute Criminal Threats?

Under Penal Code § 422, the statute prohibiting the making of criminal threats, it is a crime to threaten the infliction of great bodily injury or death to another or the immediate family of another.  The threat must be made with the specific intent that the statement, made orally or in writing or by electronic means, be understood as a threat.  In past cases, making a gesture toward another was considered sufficient to constitute a criminal threat.  What about showing a tattoo to another?  Is that sufficient to be a criminal threat?  Click on the following link to find out.

Is Prop 57’s Juvenile Filing Provision Retroactive?

As one may aware, Proposition 57 passed about a year ago, barring the direct filing of juvenile cases in adult court, even for murders, forcible sex offenses and other serious crimes.  This new law raises the issue of whether a past conviction of a juvenile that arose after a direct filing of the case is improper.  Does this mean that any prior conviction is vacated if it involved a juvenile case filed directly in adult court?  More fundamentally, is Prop 57 retroactive?  For answers to these questions, click on the following link.

What Are Proper Grounds to Disqualify a Judge for Cause?

If the first ten days after a case has been assigned to a judge has passed, one cannot request that a judge be removed peremptorily, or without a stated reason.  After the tenth day passes, one must file a motion to disqualify a judge.  What types of arguments succeed and what is the legal standard for removing a judge?  Click on the following link to find out –

When Can One Disqualify a Judge from Hearing a Case?

We have a lot of people call us to ask how they can get a judge removed from their case.  The caller will tell us that the judge is not listening to them, is biased against a particular racial group, or is has some history with a family member in a past case.  The caller wants to know if there is a way to remove the judge from the case.  There are indeed grounds to request that a judge be removed, but they are very limited.  What are they and how does one request this?  Click on the following link to find out.

Are You Missing an Important Witness for a Hearing?

It is not uncommon for an important witness, either lay or expert (or both), to become unavailable for an important hearing or even trial.  How does one ask the judge to delay the hearing or trial and what issues will the judge be keen to know in deciding whether to grant such a request?  What should one do?  To read about this common problem, click on the following link.

Do You Need a Hearing Delayed for More Time to Prepare?

If one wants to delay a hearing, a written motion under Penal Code § 1050 is the generally best way to ask the judge for this.  However, what if one just is not prepared and needs more time?  That may be a proper ground to continue a hearing, depending on the reason one is not prepared in time?  Were you hospitalized?  Is there new case law that applies?  Is there new evidence?  To read about how to handle these contingencies with a judge, click on the following link.

How and When Does One Seek a Continuance of a Hearing?

Our office is often called and asked how to continue a hearing in a criminal case.  The caller often asks if there is a form to fill out and submit online or if there is a special phone number to call, as if a court appearance if similar to a dentist appointment that one needs to change to a later date.  We tell the caller that unfortunately, neither of these options are available and there needs to be good cause to continue a hearing. What things can constitute “good cause to continue a hearing?  Click on the following link to find out.