Lifetime Requirement to Register as Sex Offender Not Eliminated When Felony Conviction Reduced to Misdemeanor

Of all the penalties involved in a sex offense, nothing lasts longer than the lifetime requirement to register with local police as a sex offender for life.  While the local police usually handle the annual check-in without demeaning the individual, the stigma of the conviction remains for life.  Will this requirement end if a felony charge is reduced to a misdemeanor?  The following case summary addressed this question –

Drug Evidence Suppressed When Police Improperly Stop Vehicle

The following case summary is perhaps my favorite case, as it epitomizes justice.  A police officer clearly makes a pretextual stop based on a “vehicle code violation” that simply was really no violation at all.  The officer’s suspicions about the driver having drugs was found true, but the driver suppressed the drugs and had the case dismissed because the traffic stop was improper.  Click on the link that follows to read this great case –

Cell Phone Ticket? Court Rules that Driving Includes Being Stopped At Red Light While Using Cell Phone.

It is almost a fact of life that someone in going to receive a cell phone while driving, or have a need to use a cell phone while driving.  Here in Southern California that is especially so, as we spend so much time in our cars.  Moreover, cell phone users expect to reach someone at all times.  This realties clash with our state’s laws making driving while using a cell phone illegal.  What is someone is stopped at a red light and uses a cell phone?  Is that illegal?  Click on the attached article to find out –